Fun With Literature Crossword Puzzles

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For some, literature is a dream or an adventure. Or sometimes it is surreal or real. For some others, it is a fine line between dream and reality as the person’s inner or visionary journey is the reflection of his imagination. In fact, it is a great big world, an expression of all kinds of human emotions and phenomena like the struggle for existence, dreams, realities, joy, sadness, cries of pain, undisclosed ideals, desires, mistakes, principles, and so on. That is what makes this world more beautiful and meaningful. This book will serve as a guide in your enjoyable journey to discover the beauty of world literature.

  • Baskı Sayısı: 1. Baskı
  • Sayfa Sayısı: 234
  • Kağıt Cinsi: 1. Hamur
  • Kapak Türü: Karton Kapak

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